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The European Radiation Research Society (formerly the European Society of Radiation Biology) is a European non profit organisation founded in 1959 with the aim of promoting radiation research


The upcoming meeting is the

ERR2020, 13-17 September 2020, Lund, Sweden


The council of ERRS has decided to give 15 YIA awards to encourage young researchers in the field of radiation research worldwide to attend the ERR2020. The awards will consist of 500 for ERRS members (at the date of abstract submission) or 450 plus 2-year complimentary membership of ERRS for non-member applicants. Applicants must be ≤ 35 years of age and must not hold a permanent position in any academic or research Institution. Everz awardee will hold a lecture during one of the ERR2020 sessions.

The submission of application will open in early 2020.


Top: Bacq and Alexander award 2019; bottom left: young scientist awards 2019; bottom right: poster awards 2019


Latest news

The ARR has initiated a novel bursary scheme a Collaboration Bursary aimed to promote the ability of SITS to visit and collaborate with other laboratories to further their research. Click for more information

Technical University Munich runs a new European Master Program in Radiation Biology. Click for more information


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